Ladbrokes Australia Ride Guide

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

At Ladbrokes, we want to offer you every possible advantage to have a better chance of winning when you take a punt on a race with us, which is why we offer our exclusive Ride Guide. By staying up-to-date with the detailed race information provided within our guide, you will be better informed to make educated decisions on the thoroughbreds, riders and races on which you choose to place a bet. We cover all of the top Metropolitan Victorian races within our Ride Guide, to make your race betting more competitive.

Whether you’re an experienced recreational punter or an amateur, the Ride Guide offers essential race information that can often make the difference between winning or losing a race. Have an edge over other punters and your mates when betting on all of major races and make the most of your betting investment by following our Ride Guide.

How does Ladbrokes Ride Guide offer further insight into racing to benefit punters?

Our race betting specialists at Ladbrokes carefully source detailed descriptions of planned race tactics and strategies from some of Australia’s leading jockeys, as well as provide exclusive related footage, so punters are aware of how they are planning to navigate the track. This firsthand knowledge from jockeys on how the race will be run often indicates which rider has the best strategy for the track, conditions and the thoroughbred they’ll be racing.

What type of exclusive racing footage is provided in Ladbrokes Ride Guide?

To ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the races before they take place, Ladbrokes provides a wide collection of race-related videos from jockeys and trainers.

What can punters expect from the videos of industry leading jockeys?

Ladbrokes Ride Guide provides video footage of jockeys visualising the race and their race strategy, highlighting how they are planning on navigating the track for the best results. Jockeys also discuss their personal thoughts on track conditions through to their trainer’s instructions, as well as which other runners and jockeys they believe will be competitive during the race.

Are there specialised videos released offering insight into the runners?

So that punters have further insight into the runners and races they’re backing, Ladbrokes also provides videos of trainers offering their thoughts on the conditions the thoroughbreds prefer, as well as the runners’ strengths, limitations, and identifying personality traits which could impact on the race.

Why are Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos so important for punters?

We release Ride Guide videos before every major race, which assist punters in making smarter betting decisions on the day, based on knowledge of the horse, track and the riders’ individual race strategy. You get to hear words directly from the jockeys’ and trainers’ mouths that should directly influence the races and horses you bet on.

What devices are compatible for accessing Ladbrokes video coverage?

So that all punters have an opportunity to view Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos, these can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device. Our Ride Guide is user-friendly, as well as being simple and easy to navigate on all devices.

How to find Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos

You can access Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos quickly and easily on your desktop or mobile device by clicking on the Ride Guide play button located on the jockey silk directly next to each runner on the card. By selecting the runner’s name to the right of the silk, you can load the expandable form, which also offers access to the Ride Guide videos.

There are other ways to view Ladbrokes’ large selection of Ride Guide videos. You can navigate to the Ladbrokes Info Hub, where the videos are also located. If you head to the Ladbrokes main racing page and look for the Ride Guide icon, you can click through to the race card page where you can watch jockeys discussing their race tactics and strategies

What races does Ladbrokes Ride Guide Cover?

You can access valuable information on all of the major metro Victorian horse racing meetings through Ladbrokes Ride Guide, such as the Melbourne Cup and Caulfield Cup. Our Ride Guide will prepare you for the major Victorian races so you can choose the right jockeys and horses for better returns on these important events, with massive cash returns at stake.

How many runners are covered within Ladbrokes Ride Guide?

Ladbrokes Ride Guide provides detailed coverage of 60 per cent to 70 per cent of runners at select locations during race events. This comprehensive information on the horses and jockeys can be accessed all around the globe, if you are based overseas and want to take a punt on the major racing events in Victoria.

While our racing specialists at Ladbrokes do extensive research into providing superior insight into the major racing events in metropolitan Victoria, to enable punters to be more aware of the capabilities of horses and riders in different races and conditions, all of the video content provided is for entertainment purposes only.

The videos we publish online are unscripted and while we only use industry leading trainers and riders within these videos, we can’t offer our warranty on the accuracy of the information provided in the Ride Guides.

If you’d like to find out more about the major races and events we cover at Ladbrokes, as well as the different betting options available, check out our main racing page. Ladbrokes also offers an Odds Boost bonus on all of the races in our betting line-up, which can be identified by a blue Odds Boost icon, as well as Odds Boost Extras on selected races, which aren’t deducted off your Odds Boost balance. To increase your racing odds make sure to apply your Odds Boost bonus or bet on races that offer an Odds Boost Extra bonus.