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Fantasy Sports – NRL, AFL, EPL, NFL, NBA

There are so many great sports to enjoy in today’s inter-connected world. You might be into soccer from England or basketball from the US. Closer to home, who doesn’t enjoy the thrills of top AFL or NRL encounters. Perhaps American basketball clashes are high up on your list of fun sports?

Of course, as well as the matches themselves, so many Australians also love taking part in the many fantasy sports competitions now available. The fun of being a ’coach’ or ‘manager’ in your own right surely adds so much to the visceral thrills of these great events themselves.

You’ll be keen to have as much vital information at your fantasy fingertips as possible, so that your decisions can be based on what you know as much as how you feel – and there’s always room for that gut feeling or sudden hunch!

So, if you are truly into your fantasy sports, be it the NRL, AFL, EPL, NBA or NFL, then iPunt offers a service that will add to your knowledge and enhance your enjoyment of fantasy sports and cash games. Each day, you will find terrific new information at iPunt. You might be picking your lineups for a Fantasy AFL team, or perhaps for an English Premier League side, or for any other part of your favourite daily fantasy sports fun.

iPunt will always provide daily fantasy sports players with the best of sports stats and projections, whether for your Fantasy NRL or NBA or other teams. Added to this, you’ll also find amazing sports cheat sheets for all the biggest fantasy cash games. Whenever you want them, iPunt will provide up to date player stats and detailed analysis for all your fantasy sports activities – all with easy to use filters.

iPunt is already recognised by so many fantasy sports players as the go-to resource when they are looking for that vital competitive edge – whether in finding out more about key performers across the oceans in the US basketball and gridiron matchups, or back on familiar ground when each Aussie Rules or Rugby League weekend comes around. Right from season’s start all the way through to the Superbowl, Grand Final or finals series, iPunt will provide the best in fantasy sports information. iPunt will deliver those crucial stats, offering stunning analysis and detailed projections to help make sure you get the most from your participation in fantasy cash games, and provide all the facts at your fingertips to help make those crucial fantasy picks.

So from terrific fantasy cheat sheets, helping you make the most of each day as you immerse yourself in the fun and challenge of those cash games and projections of the sports you love, iPunt and fantasy sports make the perfect information and tips resource to help you be the winner you want to be! From bounce up, tip off or kick off, right to the final whistle, iPunt helps you to truly enjoy the fantasy sports of your choice!

Fantasy NRL

The National Rugby League is a competition that is famous for its high energy and stunning intensity – and many fantasy NRL players like to be just as involved as those battling it out on the pitch. If this is you, then iPunt is the place to be. It offers an amazing resource, from cheat sheets and projections, to the vital information that can provide the crucial edge you want when picking your teams or playing those cash games you love.

iPunt offers accurate and up to date fantasy NRL statistics and picks each day for your daily fantasy cash games. The iPunt cheat sheets are designed to provide you with that crucial extra edge when playing fantasy NRL competitions. Added to this is a wealth of projections to guide you as you make your weekly player selections. This even includes easy-to-use filters to help deliver the information you require, and salary data from fantasy sports operators.

Together with the daily fantasy NRL news and editorials, you’ll be able to take part in cash games, projections, and make picks for your fantasy NRL players roster, with the confidence that reliable information provides. iPunt is simply the best resource for fantasy NRL players.

Fantasy AFL

Aussie Rules is often said to be the sport that defines Australia. It’s certainly iconic and, for more than a century, has thrilled and exasperated successive generations. Now, apart from cheering for your favourite team, fantasy AFL competitions have added much to the enjoyment of each and every matchup.

If you are keen on cash games, making projections, carefully choosing key picks, like to have the vital AFL fantasy player stats at your fingertips, then iPunt is the service that allows you to make the most of all your actions.

iPunt is an unmatched resource for accurate and updated AFL stats and picks for those fantasy sports cash games each day. When you add in the iPunt cheat sheets you’ll surely find the competitive edge you crave. Daily projections offer clear guidance to aid your vital player choices, backed up with the level of stats and analysis, including salary data, that you’ll quickly come to rely on. You’ll also have access to the latest news and editorials to deepen your knowledge of your fantasy AFL line-up choices.

So, from the first goals and behinds of a brand new season, right through to the Grand Final in October, iPunt will deliver exactly what you need for your fantasy AFL activities.

Fantasy EPL

The English Premier league is recognised as the most competitive soccer league in the world. Individual match upsets are a regular feature, and as we’ve seen, the most unlikely of teams can end up holding the trophy. This is why fantasy EPL games are so popular across Australia.

If you are playing daily fantasy EPL, you’ll want the latest information and stats about your player choices. This is where iPunt scores the most superb of great goals. Like that first time volley screaming into the net from outside the penalty box, the delivery of accurate and up to date fantasy EPL stats, analysis and projections is unerring. iPunt delivers a clear guide to aid your player choices, including vital salary data gained from leading fantasy sports operators, and terrific news updates and considered editorials.

iPunt passes such information with the certainty of a world class midfielder finding a forward breaking clear of a struggling defence. You’ll find everything you need to make the most informed fantasy EPL player choices, not forgetting the superb cheat sheets designed to provide that extra edge. You’ll know what you need to, be able to carefully assess your options, and then boldly strike for goal!

Fantasy NFL

Gridiron is a sport that is dear to the hearts of so many citizens of the US. The thundering collisions each week reverberate clear across the world to the many fans here in Australia. That’s why so many people like to be part of the NFL fantasy games now available to enjoy.

If this is you, then you’ll want an information resource as committed to fantasy NFL as you are. And that’s iPunt. This is where you’ll quickly find everything you want to know to make those informed, even inspired, fantasy NFL players choices.

There are accurate and up-to-date information and stats, including truly valuable salary data provided by key fantasy sports operators. Each day, you’ll find fantasy NFL projections to aid your weekly player selections. Super cheat sheets help greatly with your daily fantasy cash games.

iPunt will also provide daily key news updates and insightful editorials on all aspects of Fantasy NFL. You can spend time making daily picks, carefully adjusting your lineups. It’s been said that NFL is a game of yards and time – and controlling these is vital to success. iPunt goes the hard yards in providing the info you need, allowing you the time to control your fantasy NFL teams and players.

Fantasy NBA

When you watch the many thrilling NBA matchups on TV or online, you’ll certainly know how involved the passionate crowds are courtside across the US. From season start to the last basket – maybe even a stunning three-pointer – the games demand the audience’s attention.

If you like to add to your enjoyment through playing fantasy NBA cash games and making skilful projections, then iPunt is ready to be your source of everything you want to know. On the website, you’ll quickly find a wealth of key NBA fantasy stats, plus a range of daily projections, providing clear guidance to help you make those crucial, and informed, fantasy NBA player choices.

You’ll also make great use of the iPunt NBA cheat sheets, spend time poring over the news and editorial provided exclusively each day through iPunt. You’ll even find superb player salary data gained from top fantasy sports operators.

When you make your fantasy NBA player picks, you’ll know that you are doing so from a position of strength, backed up by the level of stats, news and other data that makes choosing the thrill you’ll want it to be. Together, fantasy NBA and iPunt make your games as compelling as you’d ever want them to be.