DraftStars Fantasy Sports Review


If you like having a punt on your favourite sports, you’re going to love DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports! The top daily fantasy sports league was introduced by CrownBet, covering a broad range of codes, including AFL, NFL, cricket, soccer and NBA. Daily Fantasy Sports betting allows you to build a team of real-life elite athletes in a particular sports league, to play against other fantasy sports teams of the same code. Points are earned through individual athletes’ performances in current real world sporting events, which are statistically analysed.

Because sporting competitions are conducted over shorter stints, Daily Fantasy Sports are more exhilarating than traditional season long fantasy sports leagues. In Daily Fantasy Sports, events can run for a single day to a week, so that you can change your players or team regularly, depending on their performance.

When you compete in Daily Fantasy Sports betting you’ll get to experience the thrill of playing in some of the most exhilarating fantasy sports contests, as well as have the opportunity to win great cash prizes every week. All you need to do is use your sports acumen to select the most skilled fantasy sports team in the league.

Selecting your ultimate sports team can be completed in just minutes. You have the option of either using the salary cap format, which is a great option if you are still learning, or you can see how your sporting knowledge stands up using the live draft system. With our drafting system, you also have the flexibility of being able to trial new players, teams and even your sporting tactics on a weekly basis! You can also stick to the same code or try different leagues with fantasy NBL, fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL and fantasy EFL and more available!

DraftStars’ live match centre allows you to enjoy the excitement of watching your players score points in real life time. You can also stay up-to-date with rankings on the live leader board.

DraftStars is a joint venture of CrownBet and Fox Sports, as well as being the official fantasy sports partner of the AFL.

How to Play DraftStars

To play DraftStars Daily Fantasy Sports, you initially have to decide on a contest. You can select which contest you prefer by checking out the DraftStars lobby.

While you can choose any contest you’d like to enter via the lobby, you also have the option to create your own contest and team if you’d like to play against your mates. Our easy-to-navigate system means you can sort between contest types, entry amount, sport or total payout.

All of the contests vary when it comes to winnings. Some are shared between hundreds or thousands of Fantasy Sports winners, while in others, one winner is lucky enough to take all! How you choose to play is entirely up to you. All of our Fantasy Cash Games offer flexibility and excitement.

Our range of Fantasy Sports betting alternatives at DraftStars includes live drafts, tournaments and Daily Fantasy Sports games. From head 2 head and multiplayer games, to featured contests with massive cash bonuses up for grabs, all your fantasy betting needs are covered. We also provide a beginner’s contest, so that you can gain a more in-depth understanding of how DraftStars and the contests are run.

It’s your choice which players start on the field each day. DraftStars provides the freedom to select which players you like and which you believe offer you the best line-up, while incorporating a salary cap that limits your player spend.

So that you have the highest rate of success from the team you pick, it’s crucial to watch your contests live, which enables you to see your team’s updated scores and statistics. This means you have endless opportunities to win by regularly changing your line-up based on the statistical updates you receive. Live view can also be easily accessed via My Contests or My Lineups. Another benefit of watching your contests live is to keep updated on your ranking so you can go head-to-head with other fantasy sports punters or your friends for cash prizes, as well as all important bragging rights!

Whatever fantasy sports you prefer to have a punt on, DraftStars sports contests will keep you enthralled every step of the way. Whether you play one code or multiple, you will feel exhilarated by the fast paced sports action and cash prizes available. Make sure to visit the DraftStars lobby to see all of the sports competitions available and start betting today!

DraftStars Scoring System

There are numerous different scoring systems provided by DraftStars for their NBA, NFL, AFL and NRL fantasy sports competitions.

  • You’ll find Fantasy AFl has 9 different point scoring alternatives, as well as point deduction options (otherwise known as free kicks against players)
  • With Fantasy NRL, there are 13 ways to score points on the board, which are dependent on a player’s activity through to their game performance
  • In Fantasy NBA, you have the chance to score points in 8 different ways, as well as 3 additional ways for bonus points, which are totally dependent on your players’ performances
  • For Fantasy NFL, there are up to 11 ways to score offence points – these are all based on individual players’ performances. You also have 14 ways that your defense players can earn points.

With such a broad scope of contests and sports to select from, as well as AFL being launched shortly and more sports to be introduced in the future, you have heaps of opportunities to win! Just visit DraftStars’ lobby and choose your contest and sport today. It only takes minutes to draft your fantasy team!

As you can access athletes from a wide range of current world sporting events for a single day, individual match or even a week-long competition, your fantasy sports choices are unparalleled. Once you finalise your team selection, you can start entering into either paid or free contests to bet against your mates or other punters from the DraftStars community!

DraftStars Mobile App

Make your fantasy sports betting experience more convenient by downloading DraftStars’ mobile app. Our app is compatible with all mobile devices and can be downloaded in a couple of minutes from your available app store. You can follow your fantasy sports competitions, teams and statistics while on the go or from wherever you are based with your mobile device.

If you travel regularly for business, keep yourself entertained by playing mates or other punters via the DraftStars mobile app. Whatever your schedule, the flexibility of having our mobile app at your fingertips means you can log into DraftStars quickly and easily to update your players, teams or join the current competitions.

The salary cap formats and live drafts mean you can set up teams and competitions without any difficulty, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced fantasy sports punter. You’ll be able to create your dream team in minutes with access to our mobile app, so you can get yourself a piece of the action! With huge cash prizes and thrilling fantasy sports competitions, join DraftStars using our app and become a betting superstar today! Contact us to discover more about the DraftStars mobile app and competitions.