About Us

Punt Media offers detailed betting information for consumers who are interested in betting on sports, horse racing, lottery and eSports. However, it is important to note that we are not a betting company and neither do we own a gambling licence.

How do we operate?

Punt Media works with Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies, all of which are licensed out of the Northern Territory, to help deliver betting information to punters.

We ensure that we follow the Interactive Gambling Act and do not collect any personal data other than what is specified in our privacy policy.

We only offer information on betting companies which operate within the Financial Transaction Records Act and are licensed and regulated for Australian consumers.

At Punt Media, we take betting seriously. We abide by the strictest regulations, laws and codes to create a safe informative environment for all of those who read our betting information.

We believe punters deserve to have the best knowledge about what they’re betting on, when they place a punt. This is why we work with betting organisations – to deliver the latest information on everything in the betting world – so our punters have a higher chance of making the right choice when they lay down a bet.

If you are interested in betting, make sure you read all of our website before your next trip to the races. Good luck!

This website is owned and operated by Punt Media Pty Ltd.

Problem Gambling

Most Aussies are able to enjoy gambling in moderation and responsibly. Many Australians like to have a punt, whether it’s on the AFL grand final, or during the Melbourne Cup – or maybe even buying a weekly lotto ticket or taking a gamble on the pokies at the casino.

If you feel that gambling is a problem for you then we suggest that you apply for a self-exclusion application which will stop betting companies from taking on your business. This way, you can feel more in control of your environment and take measures to stop yourself from betting when you know you shouldn’t.

You can decide on how long you want your self-exclusion to be valid for and when this period comes to an end, you can decide whether or not to go for another self-exclusion notice, or to end your agreement not to gamble. If you feel you have sought adequate help at this stage, you might be able to end the agreement and gamble responsibly from then on. But if not, simply extend the agreement and stay safe.

Unfortunately, some Australians do become gambling addicts over time and this can harm their health and lifestyle. In fact, around 500,000 Australians are in the risk zone of potentially becoming a problem gambler. The only good news with this is knowing that if you are suffering from problem gambling, you are not alone.

You can get gambling help and hear other stories of people going through the same thing at Gambling Help Online.

If problem gambling is a concern, please do not hesitate to take action and seek help. There are so many resources out there to help problem gamblers and it is easy to get the assistance you need.